Ridge Lane Farm began as a family-owned and operated farm near New Paris, Indiana. Passion to grow the healthiest and best-tasting vegetables, fruits, greens, and meats enables us to supply high-quality foods to local families. Organic farming practices allow us to grow food that is both good for you and good for the land.

At Ridge Land Farm, we value sustainable farming practices and hold a strict standard for the produce we offer. We care for our fields using cover crops and natural fertilizers. Avoiding genetically modified seeds and harmful chemicals frees us to focus on powerful and natural methods that cause our crops to thrive! The foods you purchase from us have our high-quality guarantee.


In 2017, Nathan Hooley took over the family farm as his own business. He works in an RV factory and farms on the side. But someday soon, he plans to farm full-time. Agricultural science fascinates Nathan. He loves finding the smartest methods to raise strong, healthy crops. When you meet Nathan, you will enjoy his friendly conversation and readiness to serve you.


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