We are located near New Paris, Indiana.

Call us: (574) 831-5824

Or contact us through Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Anthony Beer

    Dear Ridge Lane Farms,

    My name is Anthony Beer. I grew up in Milford Indiana. I stopped in Tuesday and saw your booth and bought spinach and baby kale. I must it was FANTASTIC! Nathan personality was so friendly. Thanks!

  2. maggie wiseman

    I am a member/owner at Purple Porch Co-op, where I buy my eggs. I am happy to see that your eggs are organic, soy-free and non-gmo. The label says the eggs are “free-range” and I am wondering if you could be specific about what that means. I am very interested to know details of the year-round living situation of the chickens. If you could post photos on your website of the chickens in all of their environments, it would be very helpful to people like me who base their buying decisions on such factors. Thank you very much.


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